The kitchen partner and I received this postcard in the mail from a fellow user last week. It came all the way from The Netherlands just for us.

I love opening the mailbox to find postcard about food. Sometimes we even receive recipes or special suggestions for ingredients. Perhaps this is a hint about what I should be planting in the garden this weekend!

Will you be planting any special “salades” varieties this year? What local greens will be on your table this summer?


  1. So fun that you got a post card…about SALAD!…from the Netherlands. Fantastic. Just read your spring omelette post – wish I could say I liked mushrooms. I try. again and again. And just can’t do it.

    1. Author

      My older sister swore of mushrooms her entire life. She’d leave from the table kicking and screaming if there were any traces on her plate as a kid. After the birth of my nephew though, she suddenly acquired a taste for them. Still can’t eat the slimy ones from a can, but she loves fresh mushrooms now. Maybe there’s hope after the little one arrives? Ya, never know!!

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