2nd Blog-A-Versary Giveaway!

2nd Blog-A-Versary Giveaway!

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This time next week, Minnesota Locavore will be officially 2 years old. In order to celebrate the great people and great local food of the past 2 years – we’re hosting a giveaway this week with the motto “(because who doesn’t LOVE free stuff?)”

On Friday – I’ll be giving one lucky reader one of my favorite things ever: their choice of a t-shirt from Locally Grown Clothing Company. Two great things about these tees: the company is based in Des Moines, Iowa about 250 miles from St. Paul, and they are screenprinted with the coolest locavore-inspired designs:

Minnesota Locally Grown T-Shirt

I bet you’ve seen their rooster icon at the co-ops, farmers’ markets and boutiques around town. If not, check out their online store and see what you’ve been missing: http://locallygrownclothing.com Want one of these to wear this farmers’ market season?

Here’s how to register for our Blog-aversary Giveaway: 

1. Comment on this post about why you support local by Sunday March 24.

2. For a second entry – click over to our Facebook page and ‘Like’ us for more locavore updates. (Already a friend? No problem, like this post and we’ll count that too!)

3. For a third chance to win – share this post on your own Facebook page and let your friends know too “(because who doesn’t LOVE free stuff?)”

**The nitty-gritty fine-print** One winner will be chosen using a random number generator at 11:59 P.M. Sunday March 24. The winner will be announced on Minnesota Locavore’s 2nd Blog-A-Versary March 25 via Facebook. Winner will select a t-shirt from the Locally Grown Clothing Company site (up to $39 value). Locally Grown Clothing Company is in no way connected to or sponsoring this giveaway (other than I love their products and want to share them with all of you!)  



  1. Because this city girl is a farmer at heart AND because I LOVE the cause!

  2. I support local because I love Minnesota, and when I buy local I’m shoring up the economy of my favorite state! I also buy local because this greatly reduces the environmental impact of my lifestyle and my household. It’s why I’m working to turn my little corner of the Twin Cities into my own little urban farm!

  3. Eating local is good for my family – we eat healthier, and it’s good for the earth. Plus, it makes me happy. I like eating from my garden and from farms near the Twin Cities and teaching my kids about where food comes from.

  4. I support local because I believe that a strong, tight-knit local community is a healthy local community!!

  5. Buying local, producing/growing my own food is important for my family and my own health. Local foods taste the best. Supporting local growers, artists, farmers, etc. helps keep business in the community and helps new people start their own local businesses.

  6. Because their determination in the face of adversity inspires me to be my own best.

  7. because it’s better for me and the environment.

  8. It makes me feel healthy, happy and close to my state.

  9. relentless locavore. love your blog.

  10. Because shopping and eating local is an important step towards a better future. Because it tastes better and my body feels healthier eating local.

  11. I like knowing the people who grow my food.

  12. Because there’s greater accountability, connection, satisfaction, deliciousness (whether an item is edible or not!), and worth to an item that stays closer to home.

    People/items/products/seeds/services/finances FLOURISH when “planted” and “harvested” and “consumed” within its given region!

  13. Because I love homegrown shops and not the big giant monopolies! I love looking out for the smaller guys! 🙂 There’s so much more charm and class.

  14. Liked your FB page as MunchTalk

  15. love the look of these tshirts! Happy blogoversary, Amy! Maybe this summer we can finally meet up at a farmer’s market!

  16. And this is why I shouldn’t read blogs after 10 p.m. 🙂 I support local food because it tastes better when it comes from nearby and is in season! I support local food because in many cases, it’s less expensive. And I support local food because that’s how our great-grandmas did it!

  17. Because I love food that tastes like food!

  18. Because it is better quality, better tasting , always worth it’s price … and it just makes me happy. 🙂

  19. Congrats on the anniversary!! I shop local because it’s better quality and better for the community. 🙂

  20. Saya agak cerewat dalam menerima pendapat…
    tapi setelah membaca karya nie… saya rasa …
    saya perlu bersetuju dengan awak… tahniah atas persembahan
    idea yang menarik…

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