Find it Local Resource Map

Search this map to find all the local producers and resources found on Minnesota Locavore. Links to the producer’s website and the featured post on Minnesota Locavore are also provided. Is the map missing a local something you love? Send me a message and we’ll add it to the map!

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  1. Hi Amy, I love the local resource map. If you could include a key that tells the difference between the blue vs. the green vs. the basket, etc. that would be really helpful to me….or did I miss it in an earlier post? Thanks!

  2. Hi! do you have a list of these businesses on the resource map? it would be much easier to browse a list that would be next to the map! Definitely keep the map!

  3. HI I am trying to find laying hens and a rooster, I would like these breeds Americanas
    Araucana, Rohde island reds, Orpington, laced Wyandotte. Please email me with anything anyone might have, I live near Hinckley MN, but do travel between there and St.Cloud so I could pick up anywhere along that route.

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