Minnesota strawberry season opened this week and the berries are begging to be picked. This morning I stopped out to Afton Apple Orchard in Afton, Minnesota and picked 30 pounds of strawberries for freezer jam, pies and fresh eating. The berries are ripe and juicy from the rain we’ve had this year.  There’s nothing that says “Hello Summer” like a morning in the berry patch followed by an afternoon in the kitchen making jam. Here’s a quick video update of my day today and a 3 ingredient recipe for your own strawberry freezer jam: Strawberry Freezer Jam – Minnesota Locavore from Amy Sippl on Vimeo.Read More →

This week I’m excited and honored to bring you  Kickstarter Alerts! for campaigns in the Twin Cities this month. Two urban ag businesses are running campaigns to expand the availability of locally grown gourmet mushrooms to restaurants, co-ops and farmers markets around the Twin Cities area. Last Friday you read Locavore Q & A with Jeremy McAdams of Cherry Tree House Mushrooms. Today, I’m bringing you another Kickstarter campaign from Ian Silver-Ramp at Mississippi Mushrooms. Ian and his fellow mushroom growers are hoping to raise $22,500 by May 3rd to purchase new equipment for their growing facility. Here’s what Ian had to say about Mississippi Mushrooms and theirRead More →

Miracles do happen…two posts here in the same week! The Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival (MSPIFF 2014) is underway this weekend and next. There’s typically a healthy crop of farmer/local food/sustainability films in the program; this year doesn’t disappoint. If you’re looking for something indoors to keep your mind off the itch to get in the garden, I’d recommend adding one of these locavore-minded documentaries to your viewing list: Slow Food Story – Sunday April 13, 2014 – 11:10 a.m. SLOW FOOD STORY – TRAILER ENGLISH from Autlook Filmsales on Vimeo. A Year in Champagne – April 16, 17 & 19th, 2014 A YearRead More →

On March 25, 2011 Minnesota Locavore started with a bold proclamation: “Here the news!! I love local food!”  Today is our 3rd Blog-A-Versary. Fast forward through 314 posts, over a hundred recipes and 292 Facebook friends and I am still shouting “BUY LOCAL!” from our little corner of St. Paul. Last year we celebrated the blog-a-versary with a giveaway and a big dinner with friends. This year things are a little quieter. The kitchen partner is working on yet another MBA paper. I’m heading to the gym and then to over to a friend’s to help with a project. He and I will meet to shareRead More →

Follow my blog with Bloglovin t-minus 7 days to finish your holiday shopping. Whether it’s hostess gifts, the stocking stuffers for the bowling team or that perfect surprise for your special someone, nothing says ‘Merry Christmas’ like a Minnesota-made gift. I bet you’ve heard this before, but MN2020, an organization dedicated to economic development in Minnesota reports “When you spend $1 at a local independent business, an average of 68 cents is re-circulated into the local economy.  In contrast, when you spend $1 at a national chain, only about 43 cents stays at home.” Locally made gifts say “I didn’t wander around the mall forRead More →

The evolution of a recipe name: START: Cheese, Chicken, Carrots, Kale and Wild Rice Casserole Cheese, Chicken, Carrots, Kale and Wild Rice Casserole Cheese, Chicken, Kale and Wild Rice Casserole Cheesy Chicken Kale and Wild Rice Casserole Cheesy Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole with Kale END: Cheesy Chicken and Wild Rice Hot Dish with Kale How about we just call this dish…”what I had in the refrigerator covered in the creamiest cheese sauce ever,” sound okay? This afternoon I checked out the weather forecast for next week and saw the words ‘wind chill’ in the mix. That can only mean one thing in Minnesota: it’sRead More →

Here it comes world… I think I’m a hypochondriac. Right now I’m sitting on the couch icing my back after an unfortunate run in with a Wii Remote at work today. I’m doing my best not to research “broken ribs” or “ruptured kidney” on WebMD while writing this post, even though I probably will just end up with a bruise. It’s not a new thing. Anytime I see or hear of someone getting sick, I immediately start the “what if’s” Greg starts coughing and I can feel my neck muscles contract. I get a text from a client’s parent alerting me to a kid withRead More →

Before we get this holiday weekend started, I have a few confessions to make. No sense in putting these off any longer… Confession #1: When I got home from work today I had a major freak out on the kitchen partner because we had little ants running in circles on the kitchen floor. Not my finest moment of raging anger, but in my defense a few things led up to my “FIX THIS OR ELSE!” moment. Earlier in the day I had a call from a co-worker with the most feared words among all child development professionals: Check for lice. That leads me to confession #2. ConfessionRead More →

When I talk to people about food blogging, they always assume the cooking is the hardest part. How do you come up with new stuff to make all the time? How do you take a bag full of stuff from the farmers’ market a make it look like that? For me, time in the kitchen has always been the easy part. And the writing comes better some days than others, but that’s more related to how many episodes of New Girl are available on Hulu than difficulty. No – it’s not the recipes and it’s not the words. It’s the photos that drag me down in theRead More →