Why is it that a German/Polish/Czech gal like me cannot get enough of St. Patrick’s Day? Guinness reigns as my favorite beer of all time, and will always be the first thing I asked the bartender for the day I turned 21. Green is my favorite color. I’ve eaten up all the Irish themed blog posts this week (check out these here – here – and here!) I wait all year long for the traditional St. Paddy’s Day fare. This week I’ve got a few of my favorite Irish dishes to share to celebrate the holiday. First up is a revised recipe I posted a whileRead More →

I think we’re having our first true Minnesota winter in a long time. Days so cold I cross my fingers and crunch one eye in hopes the car starts. Mornings where I  wake up to a ground again covered in white and I run to the television in hopes of a 2 hour delay from work. (Still waiting SPPS…) I’m a winter-freak. I love every part of it, with the exception of slow traffic. Snowshoeing. Skiing. Extra large snowbanks. All this winter stuff we’ve got going on this year is spectacular. (I’ve been told this enthusiasm is because I’ve never actually had to pick upRead More →

Remember these? All those beautiful jars of tomatoes you picked, peeled, and packed this summer? They’re ready to come off the pantry shelves and into tonight’s dinner. January is the month where most locavores start eating down the freezer, cold storage, and pantry shelves in preparation for spring. I know, I haven’t lost my mind. It’s still January. My friends all roll their eyes at me, but I’m seriously counting the days! Once we’re past the holidays, the garden starts calling! My favorite way to think spring in the middle of January is to make a meal from ingredients I stored from last year’s growingRead More →

Today is National Spaghetti Day.I know, right? What a fantastic day to celebrate! I can think of no less than a hundred references to my all-American favorite. Singing “On Top of Spaghetti” on the bus ride home. Spaghetti Junction in downtown St. Paul. Spaghetti westerns. The Flying Spaghetti Monster. Throwing spaghetti on the wall. Uh-oh-Spaghetti-O’s. A spaghetti strap dress. I could go on and on… Today I thought I’d pay tribute with one of my favorite spaghetti recipes, pumpkin carbonara. Traditional carbonara sauce is made with copious amounts of pancetta, cream and parmesan. There’s nothing I love more than bacon and heavy cream. But sinceRead More →

It’s that time of year again – when the food blogging world looks back on another year of recipes, another year of posts, and a FULL year of gratitude for so many kind readers. Minnesota Locavore has grown in ways I could have never anticipated this year. At the beginning of the year a few of you (mostly my immediate family and friends) followed my progress on Facebook and subscribed to updates. Now several hundred people in Minnesota and around the United States tag along for our locavore journey. 2012 wasn’t free of bumps in the road though. The mid-summer months of July and August,Read More →

This is it. This is the year to live better. To eat and grow local wherever you live. Need an idea to get started today? Want to try something new in the garden or the kitchen? Take the challenge to try 1 or all 150. Either way you’ll be living closer to the locavore lifestyle. Use an old road map and a protractor to draw 100, 200, and 500 mile circles around your city. Choose ingredients based on these lines to define your locavore diet. Compost. Read about 10 locavores online. You’re more likely to stick with a local lifestyle if you know you’re inRead More →

There’s a new post up today on Simple Good and Tasty with 9 yummy Christmas cookie recipes I’ve been itchin’ to share with all of you. My last installment of Great Grains for 2012 showcased some new recipes to dress up your holiday cookies with whole grains. We’re all so overloaded with rich, sweet, salty, and syrupy foods this time of year. While these treats make the holidays oh-so-merry, it’s nice to put a dash of healthy in there too. Add one of these to your baking list this weekend – then hop over to Facebook and share your family’s reaction when you shared yourRead More →

5 days left to go before Christmas. Are you ready? This morning I’m finishing up the last of my shopping. One final exchange and one d.i.y. project. If you’re still looking for that last-minute perfect holiday gift–or if you’re just getting started on your shopping–I’m recommending you check out these locavore gift guides. They’re from some of my favorite blogs and Minnesota-grown websites. Tons of ideas to help you wrap up the last of your holiday buying! The Splendid Table’s Lynne Rossetto Kasper recommends local, Minnesota-made artisan chocolates for Christmas. If cookbooks are on your list, I recommend you check out Simple Good and Tasty’s 2012Read More →

Welcome to November! It’s shaping up to be a busy month around here. I’ve got guest posts planned, knee-deep in an online graduate course, and finally committed to participate in National Novel Writing Month (Have you heard about NaNoWriMo?). November 2012 is the month I’m finally going to take the book idea that’s been sloshing around in my brain all year and spew it on paper. NaNoWriMo encourages writers to hit the 50,000 word mark in 30 days. Kate in the Kitchen inspired me last year with her November blog series so much that I’m already approaching the 1,000 word mark. Keep checking back this monthRead More →