If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. That’s about the only advice I have left to manage this beast of a winter. If we can’t get the ice and cold and snow and general misery to disappear any faster, we might as well get out an enjoy it. Last weekend Greg and I headed up for our annual February trip to the North Shore with one mission in mind: show this Minnesota winter we’re not scared. We can have a good time when it’s this cold. {Insert my puffed-out-parka-can’t-stop-this-chick-in-extra-heavy-long-underwear look.} Our big adventure of the long weekend was a day trip to the Apostle IslandsRead More →

Let’s take a poll:  Who can think of anything more miserable than going back to work after 9 days of vacation, 9 days of gorgeous scenery, or 9 days without an alarm clock?  I would have to say back-to-the-grind Mondays rank up with root canals and child birth for me. Not.Good.  I purposely scheduled a 2 hour lunch break for today, just to ease into things.  How could you not be stubborn and belligerent after this: and this: and this: Truth is, the kitchen partner and I are addicted to The Great American Road Trip. We’ve now completed 6 car/bus tours over 1,500 miles. OnRead More →