Welcome to November! It’s shaping up to be a busy month around here. I’ve got guest posts planned, knee-deep in an online graduate course, and finally committed to participate in National Novel Writing Month (Have you heard about NaNoWriMo?). November 2012 is the month I’m finally going to take the book idea that’s been sloshing around in my brain all year and spew it on paper. NaNoWriMo encourages writers to hit the 50,000 word mark in 30 days. Kate in the Kitchen inspired me last year with her November blog series so much that I’m already approaching the 1,000 word mark. Keep checking back this monthRead More →

In my Easter basket this month was a 1960’s copy of Better Homes and Garden’s New Cookbook. (Thanks Grandma!) I love looking through older cookbooks to find local possibilities. We’ve been using fresh local ingredients for ages and the good recipes are out there if we’re willing to look. The inside cover features an article of “why more than 2,000,000 women cherish this cook book.” It made me wonder how many women since then have used a copy.  The images are definitely from a by-gone era; I don’t know anyone that makes a 3 tiered gelatin mold anymore. This one made me laugh. Really hard.Read More →

Tomorrow marks the beginning of my absolute favorite week of the year. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Thanksgiving. It’s the ultimate holiday for me. All the same great food. All the same great people. But without the shopping and gift wrapping. And what’s better than celebrating gratitude? I can’t wait! I’ll be helping with a few Thanksgiving meals next week by putting some local dishes on the table. If you’re in the process of planning a feast for 2 or 20, there’s no better time to support local farmers. Here’s my suggestions to have a fantastic Minnesota Thanksgiving Feast: Turkey Minnesota is the number one turkeyRead More →