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What to do on the first 50 degree day in April? Too early to get in the garden, too nice out to be in the kitchen. The perfect solution: breakfast and tea with a good friend and her adorable kids in the garden at Swede Hollow Cafe.

A few blocks from our house, Swede Hollow Cafe is one of those hidden gems in our neighborhood you like to tell everyone about, but at the same time feel is a special secret only you and the neighbors know. What’s special about this spot?

  • The menu is full of homemade goodies. Every time I stop in there’s something new to try. This morning’s choice: a vegetable quiche with broccoli, olives, and of course lots of cheese & eggs!
  • Although I always choose from their great selection of teas, the coffee drinks are served with this delectable little bar of chocolate, perfect for dipping or dropping to the bottom for melted treat.
  • The outdoor seating at the cafe is top-notch, right in the middle of a kitchen garden with a fountain and views of downtown St. Paul. It’s a nice place for the kids to explore while mom or dad enjoys a mocha on a Saturday morning.
  • It’s a local business, part of the local economy and a hallmark of the Dayton’s Bluff and Railroad Island neighborhoods of St. Paul.

Come with an appetite for cinnamon rolls and plan to wait a few minutes for a seat inside (there’s plenty of regulars and tables fill quickly!). Or just enjoy a spot out in the sunshine like we did this morning. Support your local coffee shops. The Swede Hollow neighborhood appreciates ours and so should you!

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