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The book that started it all…

Question: So how did this local food thing start?

Answer: February 2010 I read Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, the remarkable true story of how one family comes to know local food, sustainability, and living simply.  It charts their first year of a locavore diet and was an inspiration for my own journey.  The book is spotted with humor and some surprising data on the status of our food system. It literally transformed the way I felt about food page by page.

Now, I will never argue that reading this same book will convince you to cold turkey begin a locavore diet, nor will I insist that it is the one book you must read for all-important reasons x, y, and z. But I will say that it is symbolic of how many people enter the local food movement; they get an education. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle taught me a few things I didn’t know before and encouraged me to question a few things I thought I did know. The learning was small at first, but then quickly snowballed into a curiosity I am still hard-pressed to restrain. When people tell me “oh, I could never do that!”, I encourage them to start this same process–spend some time on Google, rent a documentary like Food, Inc. or No Impact Man, find the section of your library where Animal, Vegetable, Miracle lives and pick up a book or two.  It’s hard to feel committed to anything if you don’t have a strong foundation for holding that commitment (definitely the case when there are french fries and mac n’ cheese on the line).  Understanding why I chose a locavore diet was just as important as the mechanics of what I ate. Bottom line:  Get educated.

Phew. Enough soapbox for one sunny April day.  Enjoy it, spring is finally here.


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