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Think tulips, not snow

Facebook is full of lively complaints about the weather today. It seems another coating of snow in late April is the final insult to a long Minnesota winter that refuses to call it quits. I am still continuing my protest from the weekend, although the ice cream is nearly gone and I had to wear socks today, lest my toes be frozen and numb by noon. Overheard a woman say this morning, “You know, the snow is not even staying. It’s just enough to harass us.” Could there be a small glimmer of cheer in this morning’s snowy commute?

Managed to find it on my stop at Kowalski’s before work. The local tulips have arrived from Minnesota producer Len Busch Roses. Located in Plymouth, they are one of the many surprises I’ve uncovered in learning about our local economy. The Busch family has been in the floral business for decades and is the only local cut floral producer in the Upper Midwest. The company is also working towards more sustainable greenhouses and pest control on their 15 acre facility. I’m looking forward to a vase on the kitchen table; spring will come, even if I have to manufacture it myself.

More than 1,000 florists in Minnesota and neighboring states carry LBR flowers. Check out their florist directory for a bit of Minnesota sunshine.

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