Baked Trout with Thyme and Sunflower Oil

Weeknight cooking is split pretty evenly at our house, usually determined by whoever steps in the door first. I understand having a kitchen partner who gets as excited about vegetables, new recipes, and baking bread as I do is rare; I certainly don’t take his enthusiasm or help for granted. If I sketch out the grocery list and some ideas in advance, the odds are in my favor to come home to a simple, well-prepared meal. Occasionally the menu does not go according to plan, but often the surprises are better than the best intentions.

I had picked up the fresh trout filets earlier thinking of fish tacos on Cinco de Mayo. Needless to say, I had no complaints when they showed up on my plate a few days early tonight–good food is good food, right? The filets were sprinkled with black pepper, thyme and a drizzle of local, cold-pressed sunflower oil. Baked at 350° for 20-25 minutes in a shallow baking dish until flaky with a fork, served with brown rice and frozen garden peas, it was far better than anything I had planned!

If someone regularly makes good food for you, give them an extra hug the next time.  Meals like this make ordinary days into great ones.  Happy eating.

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