Dinner on the Farm

I am so excited to add another local food event to my calendar for the summer. Earlier this week I reserved our tickets for Dinner on the Farm, June 5 at Crandall Garden Farme in Ramsey, MN.  Dinner on the Farm began holding summer events in 2009 with the mission of creating “unique events designed to celebrate and support local farms.” Each dinner is held on a local farm with a menu designed by an area chef that featuring ingredients from the farm.  How cool is that, right?

Here’s the details for the June 5 event:

Where is it?: Crandall Garden Farme, in Ramsey MN located 34 miles northwest of St. Paul.  Crandall Garden Farme is a local permaculture demonstration site that provides custom growing for local restaurants and caterers.

Dinner and what else?: Tours of the farm will be available during the event to describe how the permaculture system creates the unique ecology at Crandall.  The meal includes pairings with locally brewed beverages and dessert.  Yum! Afterwards, plan for a bonfire and music by Jack Klatt and the Cat Swingers.

Who’s Cookin’?: Executive chef and Curry Diva Heather Jansz will be designing the menu including seasonal produce from the garden.  The website hints of lamb making an appearance as well!

How to go?: Tickets are $50 and available by reservation only.  Reservations can be made by emailing  I have 4 tickets reserved and am looking for some others to join us for what promises to be a very exciting event! Send me a comment if you’re interested in tagging along.

Here’s the link to how I learned about Dinner on the Farm, with some more details on how Monica Latz founded the organization:





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