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So much has happened in the past few days on our tiny slice of St. Paul, I’d thought I’d add a few updates in-between the rhubarb.

1.  The flowers on our front porch are planted.  This year I tried to pick all things labeled “drought resistant” since our delicate dahlias completely fried last year in the afternoon heat. There’s some traditional Martha Washington geraniums, petunias, and Rudbeckia. The pot with nothing started actually has a potato in it (another one of my garden partner’s experiments)

2. There’s more rhubarb in our future. Big surprise, right? The spring edible bulbs are on sale at many of the home and garden centers right now.  I grabbed some rhubarb bulbs at 50% off ($1.99) and am planning to guerrilla garden them for next year.

3. The neighborhood memorial garden is getting a makeover. Across the street from the house is a police memorial perennial garden that is in sad, sad shape. Since snow melt the garden partner and I have been picking up the trash and starting to talk about adoption plans. This week we took some pre-photos and started weeding and trimming. In our first night in the garden we had 3 neighbors stop and take notice. One offered to help watch out for litter, one borrowed us her tools, and a third walked us through how to clean up the rose bushes. I love how a garden can grow more than just plants.

4.  Dandelions and creeping jenny make me weep. The garden partner and I have been dillegently attacking the healthy crop of dandelions and creeping jenny in the community garden.  It seems as though we went from ice cold snowy spring to foot-tall mega-weeds in just a few days.  We are also learning the challenges urban gardeners face without the best equipment.  Hauling compost and taking branches/weeds to the city yard waste site is not the easiest with the little Mazda.

5. We’ve started growing mushrooms.This is the point where many friends start roaring with laughter or stand up and walk away. There are somethings in this world better left to the grocery store. The kit was a birthday present and is definitely brewing something (aka, the smell of our basement will make your toes curl). After rhubarb week, I’ll post an update on homegrown mushrooms and where to find a kit of your own.

Anyway, those are the updates for today. Can you tell this homestead is happy to be playing in the dirt again?

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