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The Little Acre Garden Begins

The first 80° day in the last 7 months calls for a trip to Gerten’s.  I could wander aimlessly for days through that place.  My sister can’t resist the shoe section and I can’t resist the greenhouse.  While ogling the kitchen compost pails, I noticed another urban gardening treasure called The Little Acre Raised Garden Bag.  Made by Easy Growin’, LLC in Wyzata, MN (roughly 30 miles East of St. Paul), this Minnesota product is a 3′ x 4′ x 12″ polypropylene square that you simply unfold, fill, and plant.  It retails for $49 and needs roughly 12 cubic yards of soil.

I have to wait until my birthday tomorrow to plant (my garden partner gave me this and the dirt to fill it as part of my gift!)  I plan to put it on a pallet on east-facing deck to increase our vegetable garden space.  It will add nearly 1/3 to our community garden plot from last year. Seems small, but in the spirit of Truck Farm it will capitalize on our lack of yard in a creative way.

Watch for more on the planting of my little acre this week!

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