Rhubarb Cobbler

Had an unexpected day off today and I took full advantage. Sometimes cancellations and schedule changes can really bend me out of shape, but sometimes they are a welcomed surprise and a chance for extra time in my apron. I sent the kitchen partner off to work, turned the John Denver channel on Pandora and made a Rhubarb Cobbler recipe from a recent post on The Pioneer Woman. All by 8:00. I wont bother to re-write the recipe since my only substitution was 1 C. of whole wheat bread flour for 1 C. of the all-purpose. Here’s the link: Rhubarb Cobbler

The tangy pink rhubarb with crunchy top served warm with ice cream was the perfect breakfast. Hey…Don’t judge. We all need ice cream for breakfast now and again!

My only trouble with this recipe was the excess topping mixture I had left. My baking dish was likely a little smaller than used in the original recipe, or I chose not to top it as heavily. Not wanting to waste (almost half was left!), I used the dough as the shell for Mini-Rhubarb Tarts topped with a whole walnut. It’s an adaptation of my Strawberry Jam Mini-Tarts.

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