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Car troubles and the heat have dominated my week and dissolved my appetite.  Stressors either drive me straight to the kitchen for some fierce beat-chop-whip-it-to-death-cooking, or straight to the couch for re-runs of How I Met Your Mother.  Judging from the lack of posts these past two weeks, I’ll bet you can guess where I’ve spent my time.

In between griping about fuel pumps and the heat index, my stint on the couch has at least allowed me to catch up on what the rest of the Minnesota food blogging world is up to.  We have so many talented writers in our state piping out recipe after recipe.  Thought I’d share today some of the blogs that serve as my motivational reading.  When my apron has been stashed for more than three days, it only takes a run through my GoogleReader before I’m itching for a measuring spoon and my camera.  Here’s 5 recent posts that I bet will send you to the kitchen:

Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake from A Farm Girl’s Dabbles

Ice Cream Sandwiches from Zoe Bakes

July 4th at Fresh Tart

The Perennial Plate Episode 62: A day in the Life from Daniel Klein on Vimeo.

The Most Amazing Photos on Shooting the Kitchen’s Visit to Piccolo




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