ELC Day #30- State Fair Strawberry Shake

For anyone who has taken on the Eat Local America Challenge, a big component of the diet is finding all the things you love to eat within a few hundred miles. The best locavores learn to not see it as a “sacrifice” or “giving up” all the good things. Instead, they celebrate the small victories that come with finding a new producer, a new shop, or a new local food. When I’m out-and-about and spot the Minnesota Grown sticker on an untried food, (and the kitchen partner can attest to this) I’ve been known jump up and down with excitement. The same thing happened last year when we visited the Dairy Building and found Minnesota Grown strawberry malts right next to the butter sculptures.

Local Strawberry Malts @MNStateFair
A Happy Locavore at the State Fair

The ice cream can’t be beat, and knowing I’m supporting a local producer among all the deep-fried wonder foods is even better. If you’ve already made your pilgrimage to the Great Minnesota Get-Together, or if you’re going to miss the strawberry malts this year, here’s a quick strawberry shake that to carry you over until next year.

State Fair Strawberry Shake 


2 C. frozen whole strawberries, partially thawed Afton Apple Orchard, Afton, MN
1/3 C. vanilla yogurt Kalona SuperNatural, Kalona, IA
1/3 C. skim milk + 2 Tbsp. more Cedar Summit Farm, New Prague, MN
1 C. vanilla ice cream Homemade (Recipe here)

1. In a blender, combine strawberries, yogurt, 1/3 C. milk and ice cream. On medium speed, blend until smooth about 1 minute. Add additional milk 1 tablespoon at a time until shake reaches desired consistency. If you like to eat it with a spoon, use less milk; use more to drink it with a straw.

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