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Let’s take a poll:  Who can think of anything more miserable than going back to work after 9 days of vacation, 9 days of gorgeous scenery, or 9 days without an alarm clock?  I would have to say back-to-the-grind Mondays rank up with root canals and child birth for me. Not.Good.  I purposely scheduled a 2 hour lunch break for today, just to ease into things.  How could you not be stubborn and belligerent after this:

and this:

and this:

Truth is, the kitchen partner and I are addicted to The Great American Road Trip. We’ve now completed 6 car/bus tours over 1,500 miles. On this particular tent camping trip to Yellowstone National Park, we logged nearly 3,000 miles through 5 states along the route below.  The markers show where we spent our overnights:

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This week I’ll be getting my head back on straight as well as posting some photos from the trip.  I’ve even got some more recipes from the camp stove. (Did you really think I could go on vacation and not take pictures of my food?)  Look for Thanksgiving dinner, Tortellini Tomato Soup, Cache Lake Bean Tacos and Chicken and Tomato Pizza later this week.

My upcoming vacation posts are my chance to SHOUT AT ALL OF YOU (and beg and plead), to visit our National Park sites.  And soon. 275 million people manage to visit one of the 400 sites every year and so should you. The park service is an enduring bright spot we can all appreciate in a complex and divided country.  How can you really know what you are defending/bickering/debating about, and whether to preserve/deficit reduce/tax, without having actually seen any of this country? I told the road-trip partner more than once on our vacation that I think the cure for our national leaders is to throw them on a bus and drive them around a little.  See how America is living off the well-traveled trail.  See what Thomas Jefferson was thinking on that whole Louisiana Purchase thing. I’ve never met someone (politician or not) who didn’t crack a smile at a buffalo blocking traffic, or pause for a second of quiet awe at the bottom of a waterfall.  We all share a human bond in nature.

The Roosevelt Arch entering Yellowstone states boldly that the parks are “For the Benefit and Enjoyment of the People.”  Visit them. Benefit from them.  Enjoy them.  Just be prepared that side effects may include a tough Monday back from vacation, a strong inkling to pack up and move to the mountains.  Consult a travel agent if symptoms do not subside.

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