Camp stove Pizza


I actually have time for a few hours to sit down and write this afternoon?

Whose life is this, and what did you do with my crazy/chaotic/stressful week back to work?

Ah…The afternoon to myself. Glorious. Enough time to finish editing the photos from the trip and plaster them in a Shutterfly book. Can I just say, I really want to go back here:

The kitchen partner took that one. Pretty soon he and I are going to each need our own cameras on vacation. Bummer that at 8000 feet, there’s no one to whine: “But he just won’t SHARE it with me…He NEVER lets me have a turn…It’s just not fair!”  Even though he doesn’t always share, I do always find some gorgeous photos when I upload them after:

Plus, he always spots some of the more “interesting” wildlife:

Oh brother.

In this vacation relationship, I’m just here to make the food (and to make sure we visit all the tourist traps) anyway.  He’s here to make sure my most ridiculous moments are captured for eternity. Classy Amy.  Real classy.  But at least the food is good. For one of our dinners on the camp stove last week I used this for inspiration:

to put together this:

I wont re-post the ingredients or instructions since Backpacker’s are golden. Watch the video and you’ll be set on the how-to’s. I do have some suggestions though:

  1. Skip the turkey pepperoni and opt for REAL turkey. Turkey pepperoni and locavore don’t exactly fit together. Anyone who has read the label on a package of turkey pepperoni will know what I mean. Fully cooked, shredded chicken or turkey works wonders. As does a fully cooked, sliced italian sausage. Or veggies.
  2. Replace some of the sauce with a fresh tomato if there’s room in your pack. Yum.
  3. Divide the dough in half and make two pizzas. Our pan may have been smaller than Backpacker’s, but the dough was pretty thick for my taste. It was also tricky to evenly cook it with a full package in the pan. Ended up with some gummy spots, some crunchy.

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