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It’s okay to be Fall…

Today, I’m okay that it’s Fall. School has started and my work schedule has regulated a bit. Pumpkins and apples are in season and I’ve got beautiful red, orange and golden-yellow mums on my front porch. All the peppers are pickled (see my new post on 20Food), the jam is jarred, and the broccoli is frozen.  We are headed to the last Twins game of the season tonight. It’s been a fantastic summer full of growing, cooking, camping, writing, working, and friends.  But, just as the garden has slowed down this week, so have things for me.

Fall always comes at the perfect time.  It’s a stop in the breakneck pace of summer when we’re all in need of rest but are too busy in the bounty and fun to realize it.   Fall sounds the warning bell.  Tells us to slow down and be grateful, harsh changes are coming. Appreciate the last few days of warm weather, soon we’ll be excited about hitting 20°.  Enjoy the crisp autumn mornings, bitter cold ones are on the way.  Put on your scarf and sweaters with enthusiasm; they are so much better than the long underwear and snow boots we’ll all be sporting.  Savor the last fresh vegetables stacked up at the market, it’ll be a few months before they appear again.  Take it all in now Minnesota, it’s nearly time for hibernation.

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