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Julia Child on Fresh Air

Last night I was on my way home at 8:30, completely drained after a 10 hour work day and a 2 hour board meeting.  I had eaten lunch and dinner in the car, had been mulling all day about some major life decisions, and was oh-so ready for the long weekend.   As turned onto Highway 52 toward St. Paul, I flipped on NPR.  Who did I find to cheer me up? My adopted kitchen godmother Julia–chattering away about France and good food in a replay of a 1989 interview on Fresh Air:

No, the 10 minute spot didn’t solve my tough questions, and it didn’t help me tackle anything on my to-do list. But it did make me feel that, in the end, life’s going to be okay. Thanks again Julia.  You always appear when I need to stop. take a deep breath. remember my blessings. and then cook something in butter.

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