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Vegetable Soup Day

The kitchen partner and I spent Labor Day weekend back in Wisconsin, visiting family and relaxing after a busy August.  A long summer weekend wouldn’t be complete without a canning project though. There’s just so many tasty things available now, it’s hard not to preserve anything we can get our hands on.  I try not to draw attention to it, but today I noticed just a few more leaves with a yellow tinge on my drive home.  Fall is creeping in and the season’s canning days are numbered.

Thankfully, this project involved everyone in the family–a regular ‘ole vegetable soup day. It started by raiding my parents’ garden for the goodies, some chopping, some peeling, some stewing, and then listening to the pressure canner “tsk, tsss, tsk, tick tick tsss tsk” away for the afternoon.

8:30 AM The kitchen partner and my dad out to gather all the veggies:

9:00 AM Arrange them together, washed and ready to chop.  (Still amazed at the sheer poundage one little garden can grow!):

9:15 AM Peel and quarter the tomatoes:

10:30 AM Add the rest of the veggies and cook, cook, cook away:

11:30 AM Pack into hot jars:

1:00 PM Into the pressure canner for 40 minutes of “tsk, tsss, tsk, tick tick tsss, tck”:

3:00 PM Out comes the last jar. 13 beautiful quarts of vegetable soup base, ready for winter.  Come February, we’ll add ground beef, cooked pasta and cayenne pepper powder for a quick chili. Or pour over cooked pasta and pepperoni, top with cheese and bake for a classic pizza casserole. And if all else fails, it’s always amazing with dumplings.


  • Sarah

    Thanks for the inspiration! We are now cleaning out the garden before it gets too much cooler here in MN. Just curious if you use salt or other seasonings.

  • Amy.Sippl

    I only put in a teaspoon of salt into each jar before putting it in the pressure canner. I save the other seasonings until I’m ready to use it so it can be more multi-use (later add cayenne pepper chili, italian seasonings for pizza, etc.)

    Hope we have at least one more warm up this fall!

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