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I Heart Izzy’s

Izzy’s ice cream makes me swoon. On two separate occasions this month, I’ve bumped into a spoonful of Izzy’s homemade goodness. Both satisfied my locavore affection for ice cream and Minnesota-made beverages. Thought I’d share my encounters today as a reminder that good (and local) things often come in pint-sizes.

First Izzy’s Encounter: I was cruising the freezer section at Mississippi Market and landed in front of the shelf of ice cream. Right next to the vanilla was a flavor I’ve never seen before: Summit Oatmeal Stout, made with Summit Brewing Company’s Oatmeal Stout beer. Both Izzy’s and Summit are St. Paul icons. To see them combined in one container completely rocks my world. So much so, I even stole a spoon from the deli salad bar at Mississippi Market so I could sample it on the drive home.

Now I know that beer and ice cream don’t seem like natural companions at first, but Izzy’s Oatmeal Stout is my best combination of ice cream for this time of year. Pleasant nutty oatmeal flavor with a subtle hint of stout beer. Plus, the caramel color just asks to be scooped on a plate with a slice of warm apple pie. Delicious.

Second Izzy’s Encounter: Between glasses of wine on a recent trip to Cannon River Winery in Cannon Falls, MN I stopped for another dish of Izzy’s. This time it was a sampling of Bootlegger Cherry, made with Cannon River’s robust Bootlegger’s red port wine. It was a special feature for the State Fair this year (served in the Ag/Hort Building) and is a limited edition. My scoop was filled with chunks of cherries in a perfectly textured ice cream with a rich port flavor. Cross your fingers Bootlegger’s becomes a regular flavor. Delicious.

In case you haven’t heard enough about my Izzy’s obsession today, be sure you check out the online Flavor Up!, which updates the current flavors in the case at their Marshall Avenue location. It refreshes every 3 minutes and includes the “Certified Local Flavors.” they are currently serving. I must find my bowl and a spoon. It’s ice cream time.


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