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[New Post on SGT]: Cranberry Apple Jam

I promised earlier this week that I’d been working on some rock-your-socks off recipes to post this week. Today it’s a cranberry apple jam posted on Simple Good and Tasty. Cranberry and apple have been my go-to friends this season.  First the donuts.  Today it’s jam.  You can bet I’ll be making Liz’s crumble top pie too. I love the combination of sweet and tangy with cinnamon swirled in.  It reminds me of the candle section during the holidays.

Back to the jam…

Earlier this month I was given the opportunity to begin writing posts for Simple Good and Tasty, a Minnesota-based food blog focused on helping people make good food choices. The blog has similar themes as Minnesota Locavore (local, organic, sustainable, healthy, accessible) and the writers come from a diverse and well-rounded background. My first post on local wines went up about a week ago, and I’m hoping to have a few more done before the end of the year.

In a month centered on being thankful, I keep coming back to how grateful I am for this new venture. Serious ecstatic joy.  It’s a chance to share/write/soap-box more about my king-sized obsession with everything local food.  It’s a chance to meet some new foodie friends. And I get to do more of what I love: to eat good local food and then write about it.

Do me a favor and click on over to SGT  today.  Check out my cranberry apple jam recipe and the last of my less-than-perfect canning season. Then turn your eyes towards Thursday.  Get ready people.  A high-quality food coma awaits us.


  • Josh

    Can I have a jar?!?! Looks delicious and hope you can make it to a get-together Aga is putting together. Looking forward to more awesome recipes!


  • liz

    Thanks for the shoutout! Your jam looks fantastic – just checked out Simple Good and Tasty and am now following – glad to see they’ve got some great locavores like yourself contributing!

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