Gardening Matters Harvest Video

Why Gardening Matters from TALLGRASS FILMS | Towle Neu on Vimeo.

This video came through my inbox on Friday and I couldn’t wait to pass it along. At their fall fundraising gathering, Gardening Matters shared this video on “Why Gardening Matters“, produced by Towle Neu and Tallgrass Films.  It showcases a few of the community gardening projects happening in the Twin Cities area and their fantastic work to provide fresh, local food to people who need it most.  Gardening Matters organizes community gardening activities across the state, supporting groups like and the community garden in our own neighborhood. It may be November and 30° out today, but after watching this I’m so excited about next year’s growing season!

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  • liz

    Great video share! I’ve never been a part of a community garden (just our backyard), but this makes me want to do it next year! I love the diversity of the gardeners in Burnsville. It reminded me of a video I just saw on The Heavy Table about a farm where people can go and slaughter/package their own local meat at reduced cost. The farmer there said that his main customers are immigrant populations used to growing/producing their own produce and meat. Here’s the link: (P.S….there’s a lot of dead meat in this post, so not for the squeamish 🙂 )….

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