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Give to the Max Day 2011

 Today is “The Great Minnesota Give Together” or Give to the Max Day.  Non-profits around the state are campaigning to generate as many online donations as possible in a 24 hour period. Special grants, matching funds and prizes are available to the organizations who bring in the most donations, as well as a nifty golden ticket sweepstakes that unlocks additional funds each hour. Doesn’t everyone secretly wish they had a golden ticket?

There are plenty of Minnesota organizations that support local food participating in today’s fundraising. If you’ve got $10 or $10,000, here’s some folks doing great work in Minnesota to support access to fresh, local food:

Gardening Matters
Green Routes
Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
Land Stewardship Project (They have a $15,000 matching challenge grant!)
Lanesboro Local
Local Food Resource Hubs
Minnesota Cooks
Minnesota Food Association
Renewing the Countryside
Slow Food USA, Inc.
The Minnesota Project

You can also search the site for your local area’s food shelf. Cash donations often are spent on providing fresh, local supplements to the non-perishable items they receive.

Make a donation? Pop on over to Facebook and let me know about how you’re supporting local food.

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