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2012 Food Trends

I’m generally not in the business of predictions, fortune-telling, or clairvoyant behavior. But when it comes to food, I can’t help but be thinking about what 2012 will bring.  All week the experts have shoveled out “The Top Food Trends of 2012.” Some exciting (local food makes almost every list!) and some a little sketchy (blood on the menu? really people?).

Today I thought I’d share some of this year’s food trends and let you decide what will make the cut. It may also be a sneak preview of what 2012 will bring to Minnesota Locavore!

The Daily Meal’s Top Food Trend Predictions for 2012 – My favorites here are Wild Greens, Jewish Food and the Burger Migration.  Maybe we’ll finally get an In-and-Out in Minneapolis!

The James Beard Foundation’s Food Trends to Watch for in 2012 – Redefining regional locavorism. I love it. And canelés. Never had them, but I think we could definitely become friends. I am NOT so friendly with blood in my food though. Let’s skip that for 2012.

Eat Better America’s 12 Hot Food Trends for 2012 – This is probably my ultimate list.  If this all happens in 2012, my world will be a better place.

Andrew Freeman & Co.’s Food Trends – They say 2012 is the year of the potato and the year that grilled cheese becomes the new burger.  Sign me up.

Cooking with Amy’s 2012 Food and Dining Wish-List – I’d be excited to see these happen in 2012, maybe even a digital locavore cookbook?

Mark Bittman’s No Meat, No Dairy, No Problem – This is less of a trend than a New Years resolution. Food guru Bittman suggests we all try veganism at least 1x per week in 2012.  Less meat and dairy on the menu means big environmental and health gains. I’m not convinced it becomes a food trend this year, but it will be a trend on our table.

Happy New Year locavores, may 2012 be full of good local food and good memories!


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