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Find it Local Friday: Sweet Cardamom Bread Mix

When it comes to bread-making, there’s no one that teaches it quite like Julia:

If it were only that easy…

Despite having watched this video over and over and given my best shot at the gamut of yeast breads, I am still challenged to make a made-from-scratch loaf that does not resemble a masonry brick. I share Liz’s (from Carpé Season) sentiment that most of my breads could be classified as weapons. The kitchen partner has taken over all the bread duties at our house, but even he only makes it in dinner roll packages. A full loaf still evades us.

That doesn’t mean I don’t continue to try…

On a recent trip to Golden Fig in St. Paul, I ran into a local mix that promised a “just add water” sweet cardamom bread. The mix is one in a line of gourmet products manufactured by Cannon River Kitchens in Red Wing, MN. Cardamom is a recent addition to our kitchen, but I’m especially fond of its warm earthy aroma this time of year. It’s so distinct that when I smell it now, I instantly am reminded of fresh cardamom pastries. Can’t picture what I mean? Try this mix and you’re guaranteed to have a cardamom memory all your own.

Here’s what you should know about Cannon River Kitchen’s Sweet Cardamom Bread Mix:

  • Everything you need is in the package, including the yeast. Which is a good reminder that this, like all yeast breads will take you all afternoon to make. It doesn’t need constant attention, but is not something you should start an hour before your dinner party either.
  • It has instructions for bread machine and conventional oven. I baked it in the conventional oven and think I suffered a bit in height and texture. (I never seem to knead and rise enough!!!) If you tend to struggle with bread crumb, it’s probably best to stick with the bread machine if you have one.
  • The Golden Fig sold the 1 loaf package for $6.95; seems a bit pricey, until you consider what an artisan loaf of cardamom bread might cost you at the grocery store. If you could find it in the first place!
  • Next to the package were instructions to make the mix into a holiday bread with dried or candied fruit. I’m not a big fruit-in-my-bread fan, but I think the mix would be fantastic with chopped walnuts.


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