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Find it Local Friday: Whole Grain Milling Chips (and what to put on them!)

When I started blogging last March, I made a list of all the local products I wanted to write about. This week I went back to that list and found I’d used a fair number of the ideas, but had been saving one of my favorites. Confession: I’ve been keeping my obsession with Whole Grain Milling tortilla chips quiet out of selfishness. If the secret gets out about how good they are, it’ll mean less for me! Ha! But in my attempt to be a better, more generous person in 2012, I am about to bestow upon you a critical piece of local food information:

These are the best tortilla chips on the planet. Period.

And they are organic. And they are made with Non-GMO corn. And most co-ops and specialty grocery stores in town have them. And they have 12% of your daily value of fiber in 1 serving (I caution you in eating the entire bag in one sitting from experience). ร‚ย And they are made in Welcome, MN. And gluten-free. And they come in blue corn. And…And…And… I know, right? Pure awesomeness.

Want to know my absolute favorite part about these chips? They are sturdy enough to withstand the world’s thickest, cheesiest, most melty dip ever. Or anything else you’d choose to scoop with them. I crunch them in my taco before adding the fillings. I use them to taste-test dishes on the stove as I’m cooking. They are my secret weapon to steal a bite of cold leftovers out of the fridge. No fork to leave behind as evidence of my late-night noshing!

Today’s Find it Local Friday is my glorified shout-it-from-the-rooftop proclamation in support of these tortilla chips becoming a major food group. (If the folks at Whole Grain Milling are reading this, please contact me. I have ideas to make on how we can make it happen.) Plus it’s a list of some of the yummy locally-made products I like to eat with them. You’ll notice a few Twin-Cities notables, others are old recipes I’ve dug out of the Minnesota Locavore archives.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I also hope so many of you head out to find a bag of these chips this weekend, there’s a collective Minnesota crunch that NASA can hear from space. Pure awesomeness.

Whole Grain Milling chips and with a side of Salsa Lisa Mild/Medium

Best Things to Serve with Whole Grain Milling Chips


Holy Land Brand, Hummus with Roasted Red Pepper
Deena’s Gourmet, Roasted Red Pepper and Feta Hummus
Homemade Roasted Winter Squash Hummus, Amanda’s recipe on


Salsa Lisa, Mild/Medium or Roasted Chipotle
SnappyDog Salsa, Mild salsa
Homemade Slow Cooker Chunky Salsa, Recipe posted August 6, 2011

Other Goodies

Homemade Corn and Black Bean Salad, recipe posted August 11, 2011
Homemade Warm Broccoli-Corn Cheese Spread, recipe posted December 29, 2011
Minnesota Taco Night, posted November 11, 2011


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