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Find it Local Friday: NEW Resource Map and Cookbook Shelf

I have big plans for Minnesota Locavore in 2012 with lots of new features and posts. For Find it Local Friday today, I’m releasing a rough-draft (as usual, I’m too excited to wait until the final product!) of a new Find it Local resource map and cookbook shelf. You can find both of them using the new Find it Local menu bar on the left.

Part of my blogging goals in 2012 are to help more readers explore local food on their own. Sort of the “if you teach a man to fish…” idea. One of these new features is a Google map I developed of all the local producers, farmers and local food sources I’ve mentioned on the blog in 2011.  I even managed to find matching icons for the different industries. Let me tell you…did I feel clever and VERY techno-savvy when I figured that one out!

View Minnesota Locavore: Find it Local Resource Map in a larger map

I started small (only 50 or so tags) and will be adding more entries as we go along this year.  One of the things I love most about local food is the discovery.  There’s always something new growing, just waiting to be added to the list. Cruise around this week and check out the producer links and links to some archived Find it Local Friday posts. If you notice something missing, let me know and I’ll be sure to add it in!

The second new feature for today is my Minnesota Locavore cookbook shelf, a list of all the cookbooks I currently own and the one’s I’d love to have. Although many of my recipes come from scratch, I also spend a TON of time browsing the cookbook sections at the library and my local book store.  There’s nothing I love more than reading a cookbook, snuggled in bed on a Saturday morning. A few readers have asked where I find recipes for local food, so I thought I’d share my inspiration sources.  Although not all are locally-based, my favorite cookbooks have recipes that can easily be adapted for the local ingredients I have on hand.

So. Let me know what you think of the new diggs. I’ll be back tomorrow with the cranberry cheesecake that was the highlight of my week!


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