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Find it Local Friday: Minnesota Superbowl Spread

I woke up this morning and almost decided NOT to write this post. The Superbowl is a bit of a sore subject this year. I suppose if you’re a Vikings fan mention of the Superbowl only brings up bad feelings every year, but after I had to put my Cheesehead gear back in the closet for the season, my enthusiasm for the big game completely evaporated. Sure, the TV will still be tuned in on Sunday. But more for Madonna and the commercials.

However when the alarm clock went off this morning, NPR had a diddy about how the Superbowl is the 2nd biggest food event in America, behind Thanksgiving. Okay fine. I can’t NOT talk about the 2nd biggest food event of the year. Let’s be honest. No one really cares who wins on Sunday, but we’re all going to eat. If you’re headed out to shop for Sunday’s feast or you’re in charge of bringing the drinks, today’s Find it Local Friday is all about scoring some Minnesota-made points for your Superbowl spread.

Minnesota Superbowl Spread


Hot Dogs/Brats/Sausages


I’m not a huge chili fan so you won’t find a recipe here, but most chili recipes can be adapted to include local/seasonal ingredients:

Wings (where would the Superbowl be without Wings?)

  • Look for local poultry producers for fresh and frozen wings: Kadejan in Glenwood, MN; Callister Farms in West Concord, MN; L & R Poultry in Kenyon, MN
  • Mississippi Market and other Twin Cities co-ops have pre-made/ready-to-bake wings available in their deli sections this week.
  • They may not have wings, but Brasa Rotisserie has amazing local meats and sides available for take-out.

Beer & Wine 

Check out three local beverage guides from my posts in 2011 to find a local option for the game:


  • Jessie

    Thanks for the mini corn muffins link! I never thought I would want to make something like that, since I do not enjoy corn dogs, but I am thinking that many people I know would love them! I will keep you updated 🙂

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