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A Blog-A-Versary

One year ago today, this little blog began. Oh, what a year it has been. Lots of learning and lots of good food. I started out this month planning big celebrations, giveaways, and hoopla in honor of a year of sharing the locavore life with all of you. But earlier this week I had a change of heart and decided to celebrate in a different way.

Every year we mark the start of spring on March 20. It’s a regular, predictable anniversary. Yet when it comes to connecting us with the Earth and another season of growing and eating local food, the date is really arbitrary. We know it’s a new year when we crack open the first packet of seeds and shake them in the dirt. When the tulips pop up a few inches of fresh green leaves. When the first lettuce lines the rows at the farmers’ market. Some years it happens before we expect it, other years we wait with trowels and garden galoshes in hand for all the snow to disappear. In the end, it’s not the calendar that tells us when. Spring happens when our senses wake up and say it’s time to start another season of local food.

So although there’s a blog-a-versary happening today, it’s not the date or festivities that matter much. Today was quietly spent like many of my other locavore days: sharing good food with the people I care about, planning for the future, and above all being grateful for what I have been given. For weeks leading up to today I’ve already been celebrating the small signs that point to the start of another great year. Each day I see the ways many of you are sharing ideas, starting new adventures in the kitchen and the garden, and supporting local food. I read comments and emails and think about how fantastic it is to live in a place where others value the environment, the economy, and their communities enough to buy local. Today the calendar may say “March 25: Blog-a-versary”. But all along I’ve seen the signs of a growing community and collective change in the way we think about food.

Thanks locavore friends. Now, let’s get started on another great season.


  • S &A

    Happy Aniversary! Let us be the first many to tell you that we are looking forward to another great year of you sharing with us and the rest of your readers. Your posts generate the most important thing in life, the desire to grow and learn. From your posts you plant ” the seeds” that grow in our minds and say to us “oh yes that is a great idea and I can’t wait to try it!”. So pat yourself on the back and say great job! Best of luck to you with your blog in your second year. S&A

  • Maria

    Congratulations on your blogaversary! Thank you for your dedication to reminding us (and inspiring us!) all how important it is to eat local foods. Cheers to a successful year and many more to come!

  • Sarah

    That picture made me think you guys got chickens to celebrate! I’m only a little sad you didn’t. Maybe next year?! Happy blogaversary!

  • liz

    Well-put! We were just debating whether or not to change our header to spring, but decided to wait until some green things were growing! Happy Blog-o-versary! It’s been great getting to “know” you and learning from your excellent blog!

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