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Find it Local Friday: Natural Easter Egg Dye

This is a re-post from a 2011 “How-To” that’s a good fit for Find it Local Friday this week. The kitchen partner and I will be using local eggs (see “Find it Local Friday: Eggs” for sources) and spices to dye our eggs this year. Most of the spices came from Frontier Co-op in Norway, Iowa available online or in bulk at many Twin Cities co-ops.

From 2011:
I saw an article on coloring Easter eggs without the traditional dye tablets, instead using spices from your kitchen cabinet. I had to give it a go. It’s remarkably easy and the results were beautiful; Mother Earth never ceases to surprise me.

Natural Easter Egg Dyeing


hard-boiled eggs (select white eggs for the best results)
boiling water
a ceramic cup/mug for each color you’d like to brew
1 Tbsp. each of variety of spices, I used:
a pomegranate green tea bag (dark blue)
ground turmeric (yellow-orange)
dill seed (pale brown)
hibiscus petals (light blue)
chili powder (orange-tan)

1. Place 1 Tbsp. of vinegar in each cup. Mix in the tablespoon of spice/herb into the vinegar to form a thick paste. Add boiling water to each cup (fill about 2/3 leaving room for each egg). Place the hard-boiled egg in the cup and let stand until the desired color is reached. Remove egg from dye and gently rinse off any sediment. Refrigerate until eating.

Some notes:
-There are a number of spices that will create a dye solution; experiment, experiment, experiment. I tossed in the teabag to see what happened and it ended up being the darkest blue.
-The timing can vary. The first batch was about 1 hour and the colors were much lighter. I left the others in the dye solution in the refrigerator overnight and the results were much deeper shades.

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