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Find it Local Friday: St. Patrick’s Day Edition

It was a sea of green today at work. Kids and adults alike looking for a little luck of the Irish this weekend. The kitchen partner and I hope the small chance of rain skips over St. Paul tomorrow for the St. Patrick’s Day parade in downtown. Always at noon, it’s not too often that he and I are able to enjoy in the fun. We’re also looking forward to some St. Patrick’s Day goodies this weekend as well. Here’s where to snag your corned beef and shamrock shakes.  No promises about seeing a leprechaun though!

Corned Beef and Cabbage
If you’re planning to prepare the traditional corned beef and cabbage this weekend, try the custom brined brisket at Mississippi Market, made with 100% grass-fed beef from Thousand Hills Cattle Company in Cannon Falls, MN. Cabbage also still available from some Wisconsin and Minnesota producers, be sure to ask at your local co-op for the last few cold-storage heads.

Shamrock Shakes
I’ve driven by a billboard advertising shamrock shakes the past few weeks and have been soooo tempted to make a trip through the drive-thru. Fast food doesn’t exactly count as locavore fare, whether it’s St. Patrick’s Day or not. Instead I’ll be making version of Iowa Girl Eats’ Shamrock Shakes with local dairy. Her pictures are gorgeous, the taste is magnificent, and the feeling of NOT going through the drive-thru is even better.

Colcannon with Kale
Although my original Stamppot recipe came from a Dutch friend, the basic ingredients of kale/cabbage and mashed potatoes, served with steamed ham or sausage is a close relative of Irish Colcannon. It’s a traditional St. Patrick’s Day food for good reason, cole crops like kale and cabbage are some of the few produce items that can be kept in cold storage all winter.

Around the Metro
If you’re headed out for a Guinness tomorrow instead of making your own St. Patty’s Day fare, be sure to check out this list of Twin Cities celebrations from Twin Cities Restaurant blog.

Have a great (and very green) weekend!

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