Dark Days Challenge: You know you need spring when…

You know you need spring when…

…you check the seedlings every three hours to see if anything new cropped up.

…you start to drool at the asparagus recipes in Food Network Magazine.

…you stop wearing socks. That’s it. No more. I’m done with them until October.

…you create the most random Dark Days dinner ever. Literally the strangest thing I’ve ever made:

Introducing nacho grilled cheese.

It’s what happens when I’d rather be outside enjoying the warm weather than in the kitchen combined with a total lack of fresh produce. I am really running low on the new local ideas for the month of March. So low, that for dinner last night I made grilled cheese with salsa and Whole Grain Milling tortilla chips inside. Pretty random I know, but surprisingly tasty.

The idea came from that same issue of Food Network magazine which appeared in my mailbox earlier this week. I was so frustrated by how few recipes could be adapted into what’s seasonally available now; my only option was their 50 versions of grilled cheese. The nacho grilled cheese was born.

I’d love to see some of the other Dark Days versions of grilled cheese that have popped up during the challenge. It’s by no means an original, but it is a staple for locavores in a pinch. Simple. Fast. Totally local. For nacho grilled cheese, I buttered our Panini grill, flopped on two of the kitchen partner’s homemade dinner rolls and got started with the nacho toppings. Slices of mild cheddar from Mullin’s Cheese in Mosinee, WI, two tablespoons of our homemade salsa, and some crumbled tortilla chips. Add the top and cook until the cheese is melted and the salsa is warm. The chips add just a bit of extra crunch to make this a completely crazy–and delicious–creation.

You know you need spring when you can’t believe the things you’re willing to eat in the name of local food.


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