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Locavore Q & A: Amy Peterson

This post is part of the guest series “Locavore Q & A”. Whether a beginning cook in the kitchen or a season local farmer, we all have different motivations for choosing a locavore lifestyle. Each post highlights a different perspective on local food. Today’s post was written by Amy Peterson from Green Your Plate. Amy’s blog was one of the first Minnesota food blogs I started reading when looking for local, seasonal, and sustainable recipes. She’s a working mom so I love that her recipes are fast and functional in a busy lifestyle.  Thanks for joining us Amy!

Photo provided by Green Your Plate

Q: Why do you choose local?

A:  There are so many reasons, but the #1 reason for me is taste – I think that local food is fresher and simply tastes better. I also like supporting smaller producers and keeping money in the local community. Local food feels more meaningful to me.

Q:It’s farmers’ market season. Which market do you shop at and what are you most looking forward to buying this summer?

A:  Though I shop sometimes at the Audubon, Northeast and Mill City markets, I tend to go to the Lyndale location of the Minneapolis Farmers Market the most. I appreciate the wide selection of vegetables, herbs and plants sold there and the bustling nature of the market. I’ve gotten to know some of the vendors, and that personal connection makes shopping fun. It seems like I always run into people I know at the Minneapolis market.

Every summer, I get super excited about the arrival of local strawberries and tomatoes – you can really taste the flavor difference. Throughout the season there’s always something to look forward to: in May, it’s ramps and morel mushrooms; in June, my favorites are sugar snap peas and strawberries; in July & August, local tomatoes and corn excite me; and in September, I can’t get enough of red peppers. It’s all good!

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