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Locavore Q & A with Molly Watson

Today I am so thrilled to announce the first post in a guest series titled “Locavore Q & A“. The posts highlight how others think and write about local food. Whether a beginning cook in the kitchen or a season local farmer, we all have different motivations for choosing a locavore lifestyle. This week’s posts are about experiencing local foods from new perspectives.

Today’s guest post was written by Molly Watson, one of the first resources I turned to when I started learning more about local food. She’s a writer and recipe developer who runs Local Foods for, tells stories at The Dinner Files, and contributes to publications as varied as Edible San Francisco, Elle magazine, Sunset, and She lives in San Francisco on a hill equidistant between two excellent farmers markets. She also has ties to Minnesota!

Q:  Why do you choose local?

A:  I choose local for two reasons. First, I like to know as much about my food as possible and that’s easier when I buy it directly from the people who grow or make it. Second, I find most produce, eggs, and seafood tastes better when it’s local. These are not items that age well. Fresh is everything, so locally grown or caught versions usually win the taste contest by miles! Bread and other baked goods, too, taste best when fresh. For meats, cheeses, and pantry goods I still often end up choosing local producers because there are such excellent ones around San Francisco, and buying from individuals and small companies is important to me.

I’m lucky enough to spent a chunk of every summer in Minnesota and I don’t think anything tastes as good all year as that first ear of freshly picked Minnesota sweet corn. Divine! Other summer favorites for me are walleye and other lake fish (pan-fried, of course), wild blueberries eaten straight off the plants in the woods around our cabin, wild raspberries we pick along the road, and my mom’s wild rice salad. They are local, seasonal treats I can’t get the rest of the year back in California.

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