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Spoonriver Cookbook Giveaway

Hope you are all staying cool on this steamy weekend. The kitchen partner and I are off to a pot-luck picnic this afternoon. I’m taking a salad with fresh strawberries we picked at Afton Apple Orchard yesterday. But first I want to announce the winner of the Spoonriver Cookbook giveaway. Drumroll please…

Congrats to Gail Kuroda who shared her comment about adding whole grains into homemade bread recipes. I love tossing in flax or sprouted wheat berries into homemade breads. Thanks for sharing with us–hopefully you’ll enjoy the bread recipes in The Spoonriver Cookbook as much as I have!

Don’t miss the comments from the Spoonriver post. There’s some great whole grain suggestions and even a recipe. And if you’re looking for even more whole grains or something quick and painless to cook on a hot afternoon like today, be sure to check out my two guest posts this week: a new installment of Great Grains on Simple Good and Tasty and a guest post on Carpé Season. Lemon Chicken with Asparagus with absolutely zero clean-up.


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