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  • Cymphonique

    I find it interesting you put up a suvrey that really is not a suvrey at all. But seeing as how you cherry picked questions and put on answers to sway selections on answers on your last suvrey it is just as well.Seeing you want to waste voters money having them tell you how they think why do’t you start there and make these suvreys a pdf that can be filled in and sent to you electronically or use of of the thousands of free suvrey sites like suvrey monkey. Hey maybe you might actual get a response. But I suppose you thinking that hardly anybody sends you a suvrey will make you think they are content. I assure you this is the furthest thing from the truth.As you sit in St. Paul worried first about what tax to raise, what fee to raise, more spending based on federal dollars that will put us on the hook for more tax increases in the future, bonding that will not create any permanent jobs and excuses to spend more do us all a favor, balance the budget and adjourn before you think of ways to cost us even more money we dont have!

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