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A Locavore Christmas: Egg Nog Recipes

If you’re like me, Christmas wouldn’t be the same without egg nog. I love how it crops up in candies and the lattes at the coffee shop, in french toast and even in the ice cream in our freezer.  My first sips bring me straight back to snowy Christmas Eves and warming up my mittens before heading back out for another run down the sledding hill. It also brings back the age-old debate in our family about whether store-bought pasteurized egg nog can stand up to the “real stuff” my parents and grandparents would enjoy.

I know what you’re thinking. A good locavore should be truckin’ it out to the chicken coop for fresh eggs to whip up with heavy cream from local cows. Kudos to those who are willing to take a chance on raw eggs. For now, I’d have to say a run-in with food poisoning isn’t high on my wish list this year. Thankfully I can make a local choice from one of the Minnesota or Wisconsin-based creameries to fill my noggy needs. Many (including Valley View Farms in Hastings, MN and Organic Valley) have already hit the shelves at co-ops and retailers around the Twin Cities. Trust me. What you sacrifice in flavor is completely made up for in food safety.


Buying the local brand at the grocery store doesn’t mean you have to drink it straight from the carton either. Today’s post is all about recipes to transform your ready-made refreshments into that same holiday treat we all treasure this time of year. Even the most picky egg nog drinkers won’t be able to resist these ideas:

Boozy Egg Nog 

Eggnog Latte

White Chocolate Eggnog

Man Up Eggnog

Eggnog Royale

Peppermint Mock Eggnog

Kentucky Spike

Egg Nog Pudding Shots

Party Egg Nog

Ginger Snap

Santa’s Sleigh Cocktail


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