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A Spot of Green

Someone forgot to tell the chives in the Little Acre Garden on our patio that we’re having a mixed up spring. That’s right, these poor little green things are trying hard despite another 4″ of snow last night.

Chives in Snow

As if today’s weather wasn’t tough enough, then came the news that the St. Paul Farmers’ Market is delaying their open this weekend. The first time in the market’s history the summer market open wont happen on time.

This time last year, our patio garden looked like this:Spinach Sprouts

And I was making meals like this:

Morels in Butter

Not exactly the case this year. So what’s a locavore to do when spring just wont show up!?!?

Answer:  Go on vacation.

Locavore on the Road LogoThis week the kitchen partner and I are headed on an extended weekend trip to the southwestern part of the state. With his MBA and my writing projects this summer, an extended out-of-state vacation wasn’t in the cards for us. Instead we’re jumping in the car to take in some of the Minnesota sights. 2013 is the summer of our “local” vacation. Minnesota is not just crammed with lakes, there are fun sights and bits of local culture everywhere. Did you know we have close to 20 “World’s Largest” roadside attractions in the North Star State? I’m on a mission to have my picture in front of as many as I can this year!

Minnesota’s also full of locavores, farmers, and everyday people eating local food. That’s why you’ll be seeing posts from our road trips all summer long in my “Locavore on the Road” series. Whether it’s a glass of local craft beer or an award-winning raisin cream pie, if there’s a good local food experience to have–I’m adding it to our list. Have a suggestion for your road trip hot-spot? Be sure to pass it along so we don’t miss anything in Greater MN.

Spring may not show up at all this year. No worries. We’ll just jump straight to summer and road trips and food trucks and all the things that we love about Minnesota. Looking forward to seeing you all out on the road…



    • Amy.Sippl

      Thanks! I’m trying not to read to much into the weather forecast. We came close to starting spring a few times already this year – I just hope this time it’s the real thing!

  • Garry Fay

    We have been eating our own greens, eggs with herbs, onions and garlic. Our cheese comes from our cows. Taquitos with fresh cilantro.
    Visit Freedom Farm in WI for fresh, and local ALL YEAR LONG

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