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Baby Chick Sitter

Yesterday afternoon, 12 baby chicks arrived in a cardboard box in our kitchen. They’re en route from Eggplant Urban Farm Supply in St. Paul to my parents’ chicken coop in Wisconsin. With a two night stop over at our place. We’re baby chick sitters.

Box of Baby Chicks

Today I have the day off to keep an eye on water and the heat lamp. I’m also supposed to be working on laundry, homework and cleaning the house for a Cinco de Mayo get together tonight. None of that is happening with the tiny ‘chirp-chirps’ coming from that box. Every time I turn around I’ve wandered back over to see what they’re up to.

How could you resist this?

Baby Australorp Chick

Or this?

Baby Ameraucana Chick

Baby Ameraucana Chick

See what I mean?

Baby Australorp Chick

Baby chicks are contagiously cute.

Baby Ameraucana Chick
Baby Australorp Chick

And a reminder that YES. Spring is coming. No matter how much snow falls in the month of May.

Silver Laced Wyandotte Chick

I’m planning a great weekend hanging out with these girls. Hope you enjoy yours as well!

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