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May 24 Confessions…

Before we get this holiday weekend started, I have a few confessions to make. No sense in putting these off any longer…

Confession #1: When I got home from work today I had a major freak out on the kitchen partner because we had little ants running in circles on the kitchen floor. Not my finest moment of raging anger, but in my defense a few things led up to my “FIX THIS OR ELSE!” moment. Earlier in the day I had a call from a co-worker with the most feared words among all child development professionals: Check for lice. That leads me to confession #2.

Confession #2: I made my husband check my head for lice twice in 20 minutes today. There’s nothing that gives me the willies more than the thought of head lice. I’m not sure what it is about this spring but since mid-April they just keep turning up on people I know. So far we’re in the clear. Except for the compulsive way my head starts itching every time I think about it.

Confession #3: Today I paid $13.82 in library fines online. I paid them online because I forgot to return my overdue books before the library closes for the long weekend. And when I went to renew them I owed too much money already. I’ve always dreamed of running for public office and now my chances are completely destroyed because I’m incapable of even the smallest amount of responsibility. Don’t even get me started on having kids…

Confession #4: The reason the ants were in the house in the first place was to explore the finer parts of last night’s Little Caesar’s pizza box left on the floor next to the recycling bin. That’s right. I had 2 slices of Little Caesar’s pizza for the supper, lunch and supper the last two days. I know. You’re staring at the computer screen saying “What the hell kind of locavore are you?”

And honestly. That’s a really good question. If you haven’t noticed, the blog has slowed down this spring since the rest of our lives have sped up. Mostly because a lot of non-local food has crept into our kitchen lately and it’s tough to write about it if I’m not actually eating it. The most frustrating part about this shift is there’s not one real reason I can pinpoint.

Some days it’s because I’m irritated about how recently “local food” has been trampled on like “natural” and “organic” so now people look at me like I’m just trendy, annoying, or worse yet…a hipster.

Last fall I started adding in out-of-season (and way non-local) fruits and vegetables because I’d gained over 10 pounds. A Minnesota locavore diet is incredibly healthy in the summer – but it’s a whole lot of meat, potatoes and cheese in the winter. It doesn’t take long–especially when you have to drive to the gym in a blizzard–before that type of eating catches up with you.

Throw that all together with the kitchen partner’s MBA program and there just hasn’t been much cooking in general around here. On the one or two nights a week we actually sit down for a meal together, cooking seems like the last thing we want to spend time doing.

I’m not proud of Little Caesar’s pizza boxes (or my new fondness for Starbucks’ hazelnut macchiatos), but it does give me perspective on how we American’s end up with such backwards diets. It happens. And because our food system is built to support our crazy, mixed-up lifestyle it’s tough to turn things around. Even if the “local” buzzwords are trending. Eating local is freakin’ hard sometimes.

So. As a good Catholic, I know the beauty of a confession is the chance to start over and start fresh. Memorial Day is the official start to summer and the official start to a new season here at Minnesota Locavore. I’m headed back to the things I love about eating local and can’t wait for the chance to share that with all of you.

Let’s hear it for summertime!!


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