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It’s about time we have some more confessions around here…

There’s another man hanging around my kitchen these days. He likes surfing, long walks on the beach and making banana pancakes. Like most of the rest of twenty-something American women, I’ve got a huge crush on Jack Johnson.

Last week Greg took me to see his show for my 5th anniversary gift. The three hours of sold out glory at the State Theater in downtown Minneapolis was somewhere between surreal and extraordinarily cool. A friend of mine said seeing him live bordered on life-changing. I had my doubts, but a week later I’m still telling everyone about (including now all of you!)

Jack Johnson at State Theater

Jack has long been the third man in our kitchen. For some reason, turning on his easy-going sound while standing over a steaming pot of something-or-other is the best way to unwind from a long day. I can hum along to the songs, tap my spoon against the pot to the beat, and by 5:30 dinner time I can’t seem to remember what it was that irked me all afternoon.

“Better Together” was our first dance song at our wedding. We spent 6 weeks in dance lessons and are still known to twirl around the kitchen if it comes on Pandora. Yup. We’re that kind of couple.

Jack Johnson & Bahamas

The kind of couple who comes to terms with the idea that when a guy in a blue t-shirt and flip-flops plays a ukulele it does something to a girl. Don’t worry. Greg just rolls his eyes anyway.

Jack Johnson at State Theater

So in honor of celebrity crushes…today is about those boogie down moments in the kitchen. Even if Jack Johnson’s guitar strumming doesn’t make you swoon, grab those favorite tunes and your apron. If you don’t have a reason to dance around your kitchen today  — go out and find one. Bust out that wooden spoon drum solo. Chill out with a bottle of wine and the mix tape your best friend made way back when. Remind yourself that great food and great music make the best of friends.

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