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Happy New Year’s Eve! Time for some end of the year “deep dark secrets.” Find out what’s been happening around here are where things are headed for 2014.

Confession #1: Last weekend we did nothing.  And by nothing I mean a level of nothing that included: not getting out of our pajamas, ordering Chinese delivery (and answering the door in our pajamas), taking 2 hour naps in the afternoon, putting together Legos and watching episodes of junk TV on streaming. Greg was running a low-grade fever and coughing every 2 seconds while fighting a nasty post-Christmas virus. I was nursing a slipped-on-the-ice back ache. Together we were the epitome of couch bums.


By Sunday evening we both went to bed (around 8:30 pm) looking at each other like “Are we really going to get away with this?” Pretty sure such laziness has never gone down on the books here before. More than likely it’s our bodies saying ‘we’ve had enough of this hamster ball already, getting out of the running in circles for awhile.’ Either way, don’t think we’ve had that much fun forgetting we were grown-ups since college.

Confession #2: I took advantage of an under-the-weather Greg.  Since the hubby was in full NyQuil form most of the weekend and coughing too much to negotiate, I may have taken the teeny-weeny, tiny opportunity to book a gorgeous private guest house in Maui for 3 nights in September. Whoops. I know, how could that have happened, right?

Photo from Paia Inn – www.paiainn.com

We’re planning a celebratory Hawaiian vacation for Greg’s MBA graduation in August, so it wasn’t a total surprise to him. However he tends to lean more on the budget side of vacation and I’m more of a ‘that looks amazing, so what if we eat ramen’ kind of gal. Case in point: for our first 3 nights in Hawaii he picked out a campsite in Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park that overlooks Halema‘uma‘u Crater for $55 a night. Super neat experience, but not exactly living in Hawaiian luxury. I picked out a boutique hotel for our last 3 nights called the Paia Inn on the North Coast of Maui at well…NOT $55 a night.

Not that he wouldn’t have gone along with it even if he hadn’t been in a drug-induced, can’t-argue-because-I start-to-cough-my-lungs-out state. I hope this doesn’t put me closer to a class of real housewives…

Confession #3: I’ve got 300 New Year’s Resolutions and am in a panic about tomorrow. The real confession I wanted to share today is about New Year’s. I’m going crazy with resolutions this year. Tomorrow’s the big day and I can’t stop coming up with projects for 2014. I’m absolutely doomed to fail because I can’t choose which one to start.


Here’s my list so far:

  1. Write more. Like hours per day, more. Like by this time next year I want to be freelancing enough to go part-time, more.
  2. Be bikini ready for Hawaii. Not hugely excited about this one let’s be honest. Especially following a weekend in my jammies.
  3. Be a better friend. 2013 was a year of big changes for us. The MBA and my certification exam + training meant we spent more time at home focused on homework and textbooks than out with the people with love to hang with. We’ve got great friends who knew we said no to happy hours and weekend getaways for good reasons, but there’s still room for improvement here.
  4. Build a better blog.  It hasn’t been a show-stopping year for Minnesota Locavore, mostly because we stepped out of the kitchen and garden to focus on other projects. If there’s not much happening, there’s not much to write about. Hopefully with resolution #1 to write more there’ll be more to share with all of you.
  5. Be more active. I suppose this would be a better resolution than #2 if you’re looking for realistic goals, but this one is a big one for me. In October I bought a FitBit and started paying more attention to what I do in a day. What I thought was a really active job doesn’t always get me moving around. I want 2014 to be about getting out and enjoying winter and summer more.
  6. Bust my Target habit.No one was more devastated than me when Target ran into security troubles after Christmas. When I went back and checked, I’d shopped at least twice per week between Thanksgiving and the hack. Call it convenience. Call it I’m now in their target demographic. Call it whatever you want, it’s frustrating to see the dollars we spend not going to a local retailer. Worse yet in the process of filling our house with nice-but-not-necessary housewares, we inch farther from a locavore diet because it’s easier to grab a gallon of milk and a few other canned things from the shelf than make a separate stop to grab something local. If we’re serious about spending our cash in a sustainable and ethical way, it’s time to get out of Target and get serious about supporting local all the way.
  7. Be content. Maybe this is the resolution that needs the most work given that there’s six resolutions above it. Transition is hard for us, yet sometimes I think we crave it to keep Greg and I going. If we don’t have 100 projects + 10 things in limbo something feels off. Okay…it’s more me than him, but he goes along with my craziness. I struggle with “being content” and not always pushing for bigger, better, and more efficient. I like creating systems to create more control in my life. But maybe I’d need fewer systems to manage my time, friends, weight and my spending habits if I could just let stuff go. Maybe this year what I really need is a New Year’s resolution to stop making resolutions and just practice being happy how things are. More pajama weekends and fewer worries.

Guess we’ll have to wait until 2014 to find out…

Happy New Year!

uptown in winter

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