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t-minus 7 days to finish your holiday shopping. Whether it’s hostess gifts, the stocking stuffers for the bowling team or that perfect surprise for your special someone, nothing says ‘Merry Christmas’ like a Minnesota-made gift. I bet you’ve heard this before, but MN2020, an organization dedicated to economic development in Minnesota reports “When you spend $1 at a local independent business, an average of 68 cents is re-circulated into the local economy.  In contrast, when you spend $1 at a national chain, only about 43 cents stays at home.”

Locally made gifts say “I didn’t wander around the mall for hours.” or “I just threw this in my shopping cart online to get free shipping.” They say “I care about where my dollars are spent as much as I care about you.”

Today I put together my favorite gift ideas for 2013. Check these out then leave me a note in the comments about the local gifts you’re putting under the tree this year!

Minnesota Locavore Gifts
Minnesota Locavore Gift Guide 2

Minnesota Locavore Gift Guide 3

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