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Our 3rd Blog-A-Versary

Spring Peonies
On March 25, 2011 Minnesota Locavore started with a bold proclamation: “Here the news!! I love local food!”  Today is our 3rd Blog-A-Versary. Fast forward through 314 posts, over a hundred recipes and 292 Facebook friends and I am still shouting “BUY LOCAL!” from our little corner of St. Paul.

Last year we celebrated the blog-a-versary with a giveaway and a big dinner with friends. This year things are a little quieter.

The kitchen partner is working on yet another MBA paper. I’m heading to the gym and then to over to a friend’s to help with a project. He and I will meet to share the locally raised pork chops that roasted in the slow-cooker while we are at work today and a side of steamed green beans we froze from last summer’s garden. 20 minutes of “how was your day?” and “Are you free next Thursday for this thing?” and we’re back on the move again. Oh, this crazy life…

Unlike when we started this project, local food fits into the rhythm of our life now. We think about it less as a burden and more of a blessing. We can be in and  out of the co-op without needing to check every single label. And the locavore meals we eat feel like those comfort food dishes we’ve been eating forever.

There are still a few celebrations (just last week I found a local source for log-grown mushrooms I can’t wait to share), and plenty of meals with friends and family. But for now, we’re settled in for what I like to call “The Locavore Long Haul.”  We know what to do, we’ve done it already, now we’ve got to keep on, keeping on.

We couldn’t do what we do if it wasn’t for you though. For that Greg and I give you our sincerest thanks. So many have shared stories, a good secret to finding something local, or just stopped by to see what crazy thing we were doing in the kitchen. Right now we’re making plans for the gardens, talking about curing our own meats, using up the last of our freezer meals and looking forward to the first farmers’ markets of the season.

We can’t wait to share more with you as we start year for. Here’s to more of the locavore life!

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