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2014 Minnesota Grown Directory Now Available

The 2014-2015 Minnesota Grown Directory is now available!!!

If you have yet to get your hands on a copy, this is the gold-standard text for anyone eating and growing local in Minnesota. With more than 978 entries, it’s the largest guidebook to farms, farmers markets, orchards and other vendors around the state. I’ve used the Minnesota Grown directory both online and in print to find everything we need, A-Z.  From wineries to winter farmers markets, from alpacas to elderberries if it’s Minnesota Grown it’s in the guidebook. And the best part…It’s FREE!!!

Minnesota Grown Directory

What’s in the Minnesota Grown Directory?

1. Individual listings for farmers and growers including name, location, website or contact information and a description of the products and availability for their locally grown goodies.
2. Quick lists of popular items like berry patches, wineries, farmers markets, and Christmas trees.
3. Searchable indexes by product and grower name.
4. A big collection of info about Minnesota-grown supporting organizations including some locavore favorites like the Minnesota Garlic Festival and the Saint Paul Farmers’ Market.
5. Regional information about growers for when you’re traveling around Minnesota and need a farmers’ market or a fun place to stop on a road trip.

Minnesota Grown Guide - Don't Forget the Farmers

Where can I get a directory?

1. Order online. Visit Minnesota and complete the online order form to have one delivered right to your mailbox.

2. Visit a farmer’s market or farmer. Most of the area farmers markets and many of the vendors in the guidebook have them available to pick up.


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