Enough already…It’s time to grow!

We just couldn’t take it anymore. This weekend the garden guy and I said enough already…it’s time to bury the polar vortex and bust out the watering can.  One day of 70°F weather in the forecast and we had to get our grow on. Is it possible to have an itchy green thumb?

EarthBox Dirt - Pre Planting

Three new projects emerged from our impromptu trip to the garden store. We grabbed some cold hearty snow pea and lettuce seeds from the garden store and stuffed them in the dirt. And then we started micro greens in the front window and a mason jar of sandwich sprouts on the kitchen counter. I must have needed a good dose of chlorophyl, because today I’m feeling more hopeful and encouraged about the upcoming summer and the prospects of another growing season about to begin.

MicroGreens Seeds

Filling EarthBox with Soil

Today I thought I’d share a few photos from our projects and ask if you’ve had spring fever recently and what you’re most looking forward to growing/eating local this year. Stop by the comments section and leave us a note!

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