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Happy Mother’s Day

Just a quick note today to wish all the Moms who stop by Minnesota Locavore a very Happy Mother’s Day.

I’m spending the morning at the St. Paul Farmer’s Market with her, my grandma, Greg and my dad. Today’s a pretty special Mother’s Day for me. Not only do I get to say thanks to my mom for her kindness (including her willingness to make macaroni and cheese at all hours of the day and night…) but I also get to celebrate that, 27 years ago today at 2:30 on a Monday afternoon, she had me.

Yup. Today we’re having a Birthday and a Mother’s Day all rolled into one. How cool is that?

Here’s a picture of our family last summer in Duluth. Check out who’s right in the middle.

It’s my mom.

She’s where she generally is…keeping all of us in line, headed in the right direction, and for the most part smiling. She’s the glue that keeps this bunch together. We are so lucky to call her Mom.


Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

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